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LifeStories Medallions

Just as the family shares their loved one’s life story during the arrangement process, the LifeStories® Display Medallions can serve as a “visual eulogy” during the service. Beyond highlighting a single facet of the life that has passed, they are a beautiful expression of all that made the loved one special.


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LifeView Panel

Photos are one of our most cherished ways to tell the story of a lifetime. Wedding pictures, family portraits, treasured snapshots from favorite events…

Every image captures a moment and helps to share the memory of a loved one.

The LifeView® Panel is designed to display photos or other precious memorabilia in the lid of the casket.


commemorative panel

Located in the lid of the casket, commemorative tribute panels provide a personal way to highlight a loved one’s interests, hobbies or values.

Commemorative panels are available in a wide variety of designs, including spiritual symbols, organizational emblems, favorite pastimes and special relationships.


MemorySafe Drawer

This unique feature can be used to display cherished keepsakes during the visitation, or to secure private farewell messages to be buried with the loved one. For half couch models, the MemorySafe® Drawer is built into the lid of the casket. Select full couch caskets feature the MemorySafe® Chest, which can be taken home as a memento after the service.

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